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NE Tree Services Ltd

Complete Tree Care Services in Morayshire

Timber extraction

Windblown timber that has fallen into waterways or needs extracting and removal. We utilise tracked machinery and are able to remove timber from difficult to access areas.

Sectional Felling

We use rigging gear to successfully lower awkward trees without causing damage to property below or adjacent to the tree. We specialise in the careful takedown of trees in sensitive areas.

Wood Chipping

We have a range of wood chippers, both tracked and tow behind. This enables us to get into gardens, along pathways and slopes to provide a more cost effective service, cutting down on labour costs.

Crown Thinning

Where the canopy of a tree is dense and shady, it is good sometimes to carry out a percentage reduction on the density of the canopy. This means that the natural shape of the tree is retained.

Stump Grinding

Our tracked stump grinder can get into gardens and through narrow gates to grind out tree stumps leaving the area to be re-turfed or replanted. It is as though the tree had never been there!

Hedge Cutting

We can trim and shape hedges and shrubs. We carry out yearly maintenance for many of our customers. High hedges can be reduced or just trimmed according to your requirements.

Storm Damage

If you have an emergency and a tree has blown over and is causing a potential problem, our operatives are experienced in the safe removal of dangerous and unstable trees. Your needs are our priority.

Commercial Work

We carry out tree works for local authorities and businesses. It is important to us that your business presents its best face and amenity tree pruning is necessary for both safety and appearance.

Fruit tree Pruning

Its not just large pruning works but also small pruning of fruit trees. Apples, pears, plums - we are happy to work in the establishment of healthy fruit trees.

Crown Reduction

Sometimes a tree can outgrow it's location but with sympathetic and skilful pruning, it is possible to retain it's natural form.